The golden age of indian cinema is a time that was filled with enthusiasm and energy. The songs and dance moves that were a part of most films gave a fun, ecstatic and bold feel to the viewers that corresponds to the product - an energy drink. Indian cinema also connects with a large audience from all around the country. The retro themed drink will not only attract the younger audience with its quirky and unique look, but will also attract the older demographic because it gives a nostalgic feel.

Taking inspiration from old movie posters, the type has adapted a drop shadow effect seen in most of the movie titles. The colours on the other hand have been manipulated based on flavour. The other chosen graphic elemenst have been inspired by the lighting around outdoor vintage signs, the backdrop of movie posters and retro cinema.

The two flavours - Raseele Angoor ( juicy grape ) and Khatta Meetha Aam ( sweet and sour mango ) have been named keeping in mind the target audience - tier two cities of India. 

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