Rush is a men’s aftershave created for young, ambitious businessmen who are active, busy and always on the go. The niche edge to the brand is that the aftershave is infused with coffee - meaning the caffeine from it gives the consumer that extra kick and rush to help them throughout their day, ideally like the buzz you get from drinking regular coffee but in a fragrance. It is the first fragrance to contain both, caffeine as well as a coffee scent. Hence, Rush aims to vitalize its users by being an alternative to coffee or any energy drink. 

Along with the heart note of coffee running through the fragrance, there are other elements including mint, tobacco. fresh and floral notes. As scent is connected to memories. this aftershave gives the ability to remind the consumer of the aroma that comes with drinking coffee. This triggers the feeling of being awake and compliments the users who are on the go and have the need to constantly feel alert. 




The visual language of the brand is classy, stylish, minimal and urban along with the use of neutral colours. For active young men, a simple bottle with a good aesthetic and a good grip to its external design is ideal. A rectangular shaped bottle with a size similar to that of a wallet will enhance the users convenience


Primary Font - Raleway Extra Bold

Secondary Font - Raleway 

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